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American Ninja Warrior TV schedule: National Finals night one start time and live stream

The Ninjas take the next step in their quest for Mount Midoriyama.

David Becker/NBC

After six cities, over 600 Ninjas, countless falls and a few epic course competitions, we’ve arrived. Night One of the National Finals is almost here!

In these final rounds, the stakes are even higher. Hit the buzzer in the allotted amount of time or go home. No advancing by being within the top 15. No different slots in the next stages for the female competitiors. This is IT.

100 Ninjas will take on Stage One, starting on the September 4 episode. Who do you think will survive to see Stage Two?

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Start time: September 4, 8/7c (8 pm PT for west coast)

Location: Las Vegas National Finals

TV channel: NBC

Live streaming: (You'll just need to verify your cable provider.)

Next episode: Monday, September 11. Night two of the National Finals