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JJ Woods competed in Daytona for much more than just a ticket to the National Finals

The competitor had a very special reason he wanted to make it as far as possible.

American Ninja Warrior JJ Woods has always been known as a solid and athletic competitor. In the Daytona City Finals JJ revealed one powerful source of his strength is an 8 year old girl named Zoey.

JJ has known Zoey and her family for a very long time. Zoey has been diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. As she fights through her treatments, JJ is in awe of her ability to smile and carry on. The two are dear friends. With Zoey in his heart and mind, JJ ferociously took on the Daytona City Finals course.

On the back half of the course, JJ was able to handle the Giant Cubes. The obstacle had been a roadblock for many Ninjas and only a few had been able to clear it.

On to the Circuit Board, JJ moved with precision. He knew the longer he hung out there, the more energy he’d be expending.

Finishing the Circuit Board was a huge accomplishment. Only four Ninjas in total would be able to pull that off during the night. JJ then approached the final obstacle, the Elevator Climb.

He closed his eyes and focused on finding a good rhythm. We’ve seen a few other Ninjas try this method this season as well.

Just as JJ neared the top of the climb, it became apparent he was struggling. He put every bit of his will and strength into that obstacle.

When he finally collapsed, it was visible how exhausted he was. He’d given his all and given us a run that would make any Ninja proud!

JJ will be able to compete with Zoey as his inspiration again when he’s back in Las Vegas!