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Drew Drechsel made the Daytona City Finals look like child’s play

No one else beat the course, and he barely broke a sweat.

Fans waited all night to see Drew Drechsel take on the American Ninja Warrior Daytona City Finals, and it was well worth the wait.

Drew had the fastest completion time in Qualifying and again he breezed through the first half of the course. It looked like he was gliding through Rolling Thunder, a heavy, difficult obstacle. He reached the back half of the course at about 2 mins 15 seconds.

On the Giant Cubes, Drew nailed the cat-grab between the two obstacles.

He strolled over to the next task, totally honed in on the music he was listening to.

Drew carefully plotted a course through the Circuit Board to prevent wasting any extra time.

He even took a big dismount from the start of the third board, conserving strength.

Then, it was the daunting Elevator Climb. No other Ninja had beaten it that night, although three had attempted.

But this was a whole different ballgame from what we’d previously seen. Other Ninjas had moved the handles inches at a time. They were gritting their teeth and fighting for every centimeter.

However, Drew was using full arm strokes to climb. It looked simple. There were zero signs of strain.

At the top, he took a brief second to survey his kingdom before hitting the buzzer.

With that, Drew took the top position of the night and cleared his path to domination in the National Finals.

You can find a recap of the episode here.