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Here are the Daytona Ninjas moving on to the National Finals

The city sent 16 Ninja Warriors to the next stage of competition.

Myron Luzniak/NBC

After an exciting City Finals episode, Daytona has given us 16 more Ninjas who are headed to the National Finals. We’re of the opinion that this is a very strong field. It’s a mix of seasoned veterans and energetic rookies.

Drew Drechsel took first place as the only finisher. JJ Woods, Sean Darling-Hammond and Jessie Graff followed close behind, all making it to the Elevator Climb.

Top 15

  1. Drew Drechsel
  2. JJ Woods
  3. Sean Darling-Hammond
  4. Jessie Graff
  5. Travis Rosen
  6. Casidy Marks
  7. Tyler Gillett
  8. Kevin Carbone
  9. Rigel Henry
  10. Nick Patel
  11. Lucas Gomes
  12. Reko Rivera
  13. Ryan Stratis
  14. Dustin Fishman
  15. Michael Johnson

Top two women

  1. Jessie Graff
  2. Lindsay Eskildsen

You can find a recap of the episode here.

Myron Luzniak/NBC