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Stage one of the National Finals debuts three new obstacles

Crashing the Course walks us through the Double Dipper, Parkour Run and Domino Pipes.

American Ninja Warrior is speeding towards the National Finals and Crashing the Course has the details on the new obstacles the Ninjas will face on Stage One.

(Can we all just be jealous for a moment that Alex got to stand on top of Mount Midoriyama?)

There will be at least three new obstacles for the Ninjas to contend with.

Meet the Double Dipper. After sliding down the first track, Ninjas will have to perfectly time their leap to the next track. That will send them shooting down the next portion to the landing pad.

It looks like a fun ride, but if the Ninjas aren’t careful, the Double Dipper will send them right into the water.

Parkour Run looks familiar. It resembles the Sonic Curve of seasons past. Until you look closer...

One of the steps is facing the opposite direction from the others. The jolt will totally shift the competitor’s momentum right as they try for the rope that gets them out of there.

Later, they’ll contend with the Domino Pipes. These are five top-heavy pipes that are just waiting to collapse and spin when the Ninjas step on them.

Sure steps and fast, light feet are essential to surviving this obstacle.

And they spin pretty aggressively once they’re triggered. Ninjas need to remember keep their heads low if they fall on this obstacle!

That brings us to the part of ‘Crashing the Course’ where Alex tries to demonstrate an obstacle. But with all these new gems to pick from, he needs some input on which one to try.

Joe Moravsky votes for the Double Dipper.

Allyssa Beird seconds that idea.

But JJ Woods suggests the Domino Pipes.

As does Thomas Stillings, who always loves an obstacle that requires speed.

When Jamie Rahn and Flip Rodriguez are split on the subject, Alex is left with a dead tie.

Which means it’s your turn. Help us break the tie! Vote for the obstacle you want to see Alex attempt right here. Will it be the Double Dipper or the Domino Pipes? Find out when Crashing the Course returns on September 14!