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Daniel Gil debuts the difficult Giant Cubes on Crashing the Course

The new obstacle looks like a roadblock on the Daytona course

The American Ninja Warrior athletes are going to have a daunting new foe on the Daytona City Finals course. This week’s “Crashing the Course” introduces us to the Giant Cubes, the eighth obstacle they’ll face.

The Giant Cubes require that Ninjas travel down a slanted pole from the Salmon Ladder to three Cliff Hanger type edges on the first cube. They’ll need to travel around the cube and perform a cat-grab leap to the next one. The Ninjas will then have to circumnavigate that cube to clear a path to the landing pad.

After Alex takes some time to acknowledge the amazing American Ninja Warrior fan community (that’s YOU), he calls in Daniel Gil to help break down the Giant Cubes.

Daniel is always impressive on the course. His POM Wonderful tip of the week provides some insight into how he pulls off those runs: Visualization

Daniel recommends playing out your path through the obstacle over and over in your mind before you tackle it.

But visualization and execution might be two different things. Alex gives the obstacle a try and all we can say is we’re a little concerned about how things are going to play out on the Daytona course!

You can see the Giant Cubes in action on the August 7 episode of American Ninja Warrior.