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Lorin Ball was the first to introduce us to the Ninjago Roll

In order to get back to the National Finals, Lorin had to put speed aside and focus on his strategies.

Lorin Ball is infamous for his speed. In the Denver City Qualifiers, he was one of the few Ninjas to hit the buzzer and he did it faster than anyone else. When he returned for the City Finals, Lorin was more conservative, understanding how tricky these obstacles can be and not wanting to miss out on the National Finals.

But even without trying, Lorin’s pace through the first half of the course was electric.

He looked like a pro on the Rail Runner, which he’d only ever faced once before.

On to the back half of the course, Lorin had to navigate the Wedge. To that point of the night, no one had survived the supremely hard obstacle.

Lorin used careful hops and controlled his body movements to inch down the plexiglass.

He made sure the bar was as secure as possible while he started building momentum for the dismount.

With a lache that barely put him on the landing pad, Lorin was the first to clear the Wedge.

But things didn’t get any easier after that. Now Lorin was staring up at the Ninjago Roll.

As he started rolling the heavy cylinder up the track, we learned it had been designed by an 11 year old fan! Great job, Josephine!

The Ninjago Roll required pure brute strength after a grueling course. Lorin had the cylinder almost to the peak of the track before he fell.

Later, he called it one of the most difficult obstacles he’d ever faced. While Lorin looked a little disappointed with not hitting the buzzer, his very strong run left him in the second place spot for the night. He can try for the buzzer again in the National Finals.