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Meagan Martin’s City Finals run sends her back to Las Vegas

For the fourth season in a row, Meagan will take on the National Finals.

Meagan Martin is trailblazer on American Ninja Warrior. In 2014, she became the first woman to land the Jumping Spider on Stage One. In season eight, she was one of the three women to qualify for the National Finals alongside Jessie Graff and Jesse Labreck. Back for her fourth season, Meagan’s goal was to snag her fourth trip back to Las Vegas.

In her Denver Qualifying run, Meagan made it all the way to Rail Runner, but she knew she’d need to make it farther in the finals to guarantee her chance to advance.

She blazed through the first few obstacles with no hesitation.

Once she was back at the Rail Runner, Meagan stared down the obstacle that had ended so many runs.

After hopping up the first rail, Meagan nailed the transfer, something that had escaped many other Ninjas.

Still a ways from from the landing platform, it looked like she was going for the dismount. It was now or never.

The audience roared as she raised her arms in triumph. Meagan Martin is the first woman to beat the Rail Runner!

She scaled the Warped Wall in one shot and turned a cartwheel, celebrating the fifth time she’d dominated the iconic obstacle.

Now on the back half of the course, Meagan climbed the Salmon Ladder easily.

Then it was the Wedge. The incredibly difficult obstacle had already taken out 12 competitors, including one of her training partners, Brian Arnold.

She only got a few hops in before the bar slipped out and Meagan fell into the water. But the strong run means Meagan did get her fourth trip back to Las Vegas!