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First Look: Jeri D’Aurelio’s Denver City Finals run

After falling at the Rail Runner in Qualifying, Jeri is back for revenge!

Jeri D’Aurelio knows a thing or two about focus and determination. She’s a lawyer, a soldier and a three time American Ninja Warrior veteran. In the Denver Qualifiers this season, Jeri had a great run that ended at the cruel Rail Runner. But her speed to that point left her well within the top 30 competitors of the night!

Now she’s back for the Denver City Finals and she plans on punching her ticket to Vegas. Check out the start of Jeri’s run in the clip above.

We don’t get to see much, but we do see Jeri survive the Ring Swing, so she’s on the move!

Jeri’s full run will be part of the Denver City Finals episode, airing August 28.