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Maggi Thorne is the first woman to defeat this daunting obstacle

She made her Ninja family so proud with this Kansas City run.

Maggi Thorne is a staple of the American Ninja Warrior community. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted her along the side-lines of many of the cities this season. That’s because she’s committed to supporting her friends and family whenever possible.

So when it was Maggi’s turn on the course, the Ninjas showed up in full-force for her. During her Qualifying run, Maggi fought hard against Crank It Up, but the obstacle ultimately ended her night. However, she was through to the City Finals.

In the City Finals, Maggi returned with fire in her eyes and her sights set on making it farther than before.

First, she had to survive the Broken Pipes. She took a hard fall in the middle, but recovered and completed the obstacle.

Then, she was back into battle with Crank It Up. She’d had a good fight with it in Qualifying, so she knew its tricks this time around.

When she landed the lache to the second set of cranks, the audience was on its feet and her sideline crowd of Ninjas exploded with excitement.

Climbing the second crank was especially draining. Maggi closed her eyes and willed herself to stick it out.

When she grabbed on to the stable bar that would allow her to dismount, everyone was thrilled. Look at the faces of Jessie Graff and Kevin Bull, who watched her run on Skype!

As she hit the landing pad, Maggi collapsed and let the adrenaline of the success wash over her.

Maggi had just beaten an obstacle that had taken out so many other competitors. She also made history as the first woman to defeat it.

Moving on to the Bar Hop, we knew this would be hard for her. There’s only so much your upper body can take.

While she hung from the fourth bar position, her grip finally gave up the last of its strength.

With pure joy on her face, Maggi climbed out and gave a kiss to her very proud daughter.

The run left Maggi in the women’s number one position for the night, sending her on to the National Finals!