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Tyler Yamauchi muscled his way to one of the best runs of the night in Kansas City

Only one small error kept him from the very last obstacle.

Tyler Yamauchi is one of those Ninja names that’s been flying under the radar. Last year in Indianapolis, he qualified for the City Finals and the National Finals. He fell on Stage One, but he’s an impressive, consistent competitor.

However, in the Kansas City Finals, Tyler had a chance to really take over the spot light for a moment. In his thoughtful but light-hearted run, Tyler made it farther than almost any other competitor. Only one Ninja, Mitch Vedepo, would make it to the Elevator Climb.

In fact, everyone was shocked when Tyler fell. He’d looked like he still had plenty of energy. It was a tiny tactical error that had ended his run.

Tyler, who trains with Ninjas like Dan Polizzi and Brandon Mears, is know as the muscle ball. He looked like it as he bounced through the Floating Steps.

The Broken Pipes had taken out a shocking number of Ninjas. Tyler exercised caution here and reset his strategy in the middle.

His tactic worked. Tyler was just as relieved as the audience that he made it through.

After Crank It Up and the Bar Hop, Tyler breezed up the Warped Wall, having a little fun with it along the way.

The Floating Monkey Bars had tiny cradles. Tyler made sure he planned out every move to prevent a miss.

Then it was the new obstacle, the Iron Maiden. Again, Tyler made sure he took the time to make a plan before he began his climb.

He was gliding right through the obstacle.

Tyler used only one side of the pegs, focusing his movements.

At the very end of the obstacle, he went for a lache to dismount. But the backwards motion caused the peg covers to slide backwards, sending Tyler to a painful crash just inches from completing Iron Maiden.

But Tyler was smiling as he climbed out of the pool. He was going back to Vegas for the second year in a row!