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What you didn’t see: Kansas City Finals

Over half of the competitors didn’t make it to the extended portion of the course.

Fernando Leon/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Kansas City Finals episode was only the second time in the show’s history that no one was able to complete the course. The result was a long night of Ninjas giving their all to gain every inch of ground they could get.

Mitch Vedepo and Tyler Yamauchi would make it the farthest, while the Broken Pipes claimed many of the big names that were expected to hit the buzzer. Not all the Ninjas received screen time this week, so let’s take a look at what went on behind the scenes.

We saw on TV: 29 Ninjas attempt the brutal course

Night of recording: 35 Ninjas stepped up to the challenge

We saw on TV: 7 Ninjas fail the Broken Pipes

Night of recording: 8 Ninjas were stopped here

We saw on TV: 5 Ninjas tumbled from the Bar Hop

Night of recording: 7 Ninjas hit a wall at the Bar Hop

We saw on TV: 6 Ninjas struggled on the Floating Monkey Bars

Night of recording: 7 Ninjas ended their nights here

Fernando Leon/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Devin Harrelson: Floating Steps
  • Michael Bougher: Broken Pipes
  • Abby Paul: Broken Pipes
  • Drew Hendry: Broken Pipes
  • Dan Polizzi: Broken Pipes
  • Dennis Lappin: Broken Pipes
  • Ethan Swanson: Broken Pipes
  • Todd Mitchell: Broken Pipes
  • Brandon Mears: Broken Pipes
  • Craig Schafer: Crank It Up
  • Sara Heesen: Crank It Up
  • Deren Perez: Crank It Up
  • Annie Dudek: Crank It Up
  • Sarah Schoback: Crank It Up
  • Donovan Metoyer: Bar Hop
  • Kyle Schulze: Bar Hop
  • Wes Whitlam: Bar Hop
  • Maggi Thorne: Bar Hop
  • Bobby Bohannon: Bar Hop
  • Tyler Smith: Bar Hop
  • Broc Bebout: Bar Hop
  • Spencer Johnson: Salmon Ladder
  • Morgan Wright: Salmon Ladder
  • Brad Spine: Salmon Ladder
  • Kyle Mendoza: Salmon Ladder
  • Ben Baker: Salmon Ladder
  • Alex Carson: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Eric Middleton: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Jeremiah Morgan: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Jelani Allen: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Dave Cavanaugh: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Hunter Guerard: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Lance Pekus: Floating Monkey Bars
  • Tyler Yamauchi: Iron Maiden
  • Mitch Vedepo: Elevator Climb