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These 17 Kansas City Ninjas are advancing to Vegas

And they’re all starving for a buzzer.

Fernando Leon/NBC

Kansas City was just vicious this season. Only 10 Ninjas cleared the Qualifying course and none hit the buzzer in the City Finals. Still 17 Ninjas are locked in to advance to the National Finals. They’ll be heading into the last leg of the competition with a harsh understanding that anything can happen at anytime.

This might just give them the mental edge to really smash Stage One in two weeks!

Top 15

  1. Mitch Vedepo
  2. Tyler Yamauchi
  3. Hunter Guerard
  4. Eric Middleton
  5. Dave Cavanaugh
  6. Lance Pekus
  7. Jeremiah Morgan
  8. Jelani Allen
  9. Alex Carson
  10. Kyle Mendoza
  11. Spencer Johnson
  12. Brad Spine
  13. Ben Baker
  14. Morgan “Moose” Wright
  15. Donovan Metoyer

Top two women

  1. Maggi Thorne
  2. Sara Heesen

You can find a full recap of the episode here.

Fernando Leon/NBC