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Logan Paul received some valuable Ninja knowledge from this new obstacle

The Iron Maiden flips traditional pegboards on their head by adding in a several scary new elements.

Alex Weber called in two special guests this week to help us breakdown the new ninth obstacle on the Kansas City Finals course: The Iron Maiden.

First, American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney was on hand to talk strategy with Alex. They were joined by social media sensation Logan Paul. Logan has a digital series on Watchable called “Logan Paul Vs,” where he takes on basically the craziest challenges he can get his hands on.

For the second season of the show, Logan will be tackling the American Ninja Warrior course. Crashing the Course gave him a little nibble of the challenge he was about to try.

Meet the Iron Maiden. The daunting obstacle puts a cruel twist on traditional pegboards. Ninjas will have to climb down an inclined board, up another and down one more time to clear it. Oh yeah, that’s not all. They’ll need to pull out hollow handles and slide them over spikes in order to traverse the boards.

The obstacle was designed by Brett Sims, a long time American Ninja Warrior competitor. It seems like he knew exactly what would tax the Ninjas!

Grant McCartney went first. Even though he’s a veteran at obstacles, and he did this fresh, he was exhausted by the end. He warned Alex and Logan that it wasn’t going to be easy.

The it was Logan’s turn.

He was looking strong at first, displaying some Akbar-worthy Ls.

But when he struggled with peg placement for just a second, the distraction broke his concentration.

At the side of the pool, Logan had some last words about the experience.

He’d learned a hard Ninja lesson.

Find out how the rest of the American Ninja Warriors do on the Iron Maiden during the Kansas City Finals episode!

You’ll be able to see Logan Paul’s American Ninja Warrior run when the new season of “Logan Paul Vs” debuts on September 11.