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Najee Richardson really does know how to fly

He showed off his gravity-defying skills on the Cleveland City Finals course.

Najee Richardson earned the nickname the phoenix after he rose from the ashes of the injury that ended his gymnastics career to take on American Ninja Warrior. During season eight, he became Philadelphia’s hometown hero with his exciting runs.

But now, he’s showing us that he might literally know how to fly! Najee hit the Cleveland City Finals course with an infectious energy.

The transition on the I-Beam Gap offered him little challenge, because, you know, he has wings.

But look at what he does on the Warped Wall. It seems like he could clear a wall that was a foot taller!

On the Salmon Ladder, he used a backwards technique to help him keep an eye on each landing and conserve arm strength.

The new obstacle, the Nail Clipper, had been grinding runs to a halt all evening long. Najee started the challenge strong.

While he worked hard to figure out all the various maneuvers required from the obstacle, it would prove to be the end of his run. He made it all the way to the third cylinder before he fell.

Najee bounced out of the water with enthusiasm. His speed to that point meant he was heading back to the National Finals.

We’re sure Najee will have some more high-flying stunts in store for us when we see him back in a few weeks.