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Jesse Labreck continues to hold strong against these difficult courses

While it seems like the obstacles are getting harder and harder, she’s just getting better and better.

Jesse Labreck has been a breakout athlete on Ninja Warrior from the moment she stepped on the course in season eight. In her first season, she qualified for the Philadelphia City Finals, and then became the first woman to qualify for National Finals in her rookie year.

For season nine, it looks like she has no interest in slowing down. Jesse hit her first buzzer on the Cleveland Qualifying course. In the City Finals, she locked down her second ticket to Las Vegas.

She was once again able to deftly handle the I-Beam Gap, which continued to take out competitors in the City Finals.

Before the Warped Wall, Jesse took her leaned-back stance which has become something of a signature for her.

She destroyed the Salmon Ladder.

Then, it was on to the Ninja killer of the night, the Nail Clipper. The new obstacle was almost unbeatable.

Jesse was strong. She figured out the combination of movements needed to navigate the moving cylinders.

She was so close to defeating the Nail Clipper. It was only when she reached behind herself to grab the last cylinder that her grip gave out.

But her impressive time and distance landed her the 15th spot for the night and another trip back to the National Finals!

Don’t look so surprised, Jesse!