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Jamie Rahn was the first to break the curse of the Nail Clipper

The obstacle had defeated every Ninja before him in Cleveland.

The Cleveland City Finals course introduced American Ninja Warrior fans to the Nail Clipper, a new obstacle which proved itself to be a formidable foe. So far that evening, every Ninja who’d reached the Nail Clipper had fallen there.

Things were beginning to look a little worrisome. Would anyone be able to get past the new obstacle?

Luckily, we had a superhero stepping up to the course. Jamie Rahn, who goes by the nickname Captain NBC, planned to take down the Nail Clipper.

After making his way past the Warped Wall, Jamie eyed the new obstacle which laid on the other side of the Salmon Ladder.

He concentrated on the awkward movements required by the Nail Clipper.

He proceeded cautiously, but his strength held out as he approached the last cylinder. The audience held their breath as he went for the dismount.

He did it! Jamie was the first to beat the Nail Clipper! He paused to shake out his arms before the next upper body onslaught.

The Nail Clipper hadn’t sapped Jamie. He still had the energy left to quickly navigate the Clacker.

Once he was on the Elevator Climb, Jamie was definitely taxed. At the top of the climb, he had to fight for every single inch, the pain showing on his face.

Completely exhausted, Jamie gave it his all and became the first to defeat the Cleveland City Finals course!

He’s heading back to the National Finals and hopefully, his sidekick Doogie will go along for the trip!