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Joe Moravsky breezed through the Cleveland City Finals course

He was one of only two competitors to complete the course and he had the best time of the night.

Fans of American Ninja Warrior Joe Moravsky have come to expect a lot from the weatherman. Season after season, he’s hit buzzers and earned his way to the National Finals.

But the City Finals courses this season have been absolutely brutal. In Cleveland, the Nail Clipper was taking out almost everyone who attempted it. Only Jamie Rahn had survived it to that point of the night.

But as Joe took to the course for the last run, his fans had devoted faith that he could do it. That confidence carried over to Joe as he put up the best run of the night.

Joe started by slipping right through the front half of the course. Even gliding through the I-Beam Gap and its frightening transition.

After the Warped Wall and the Salmon Ladder, Joe was on to the Nail Clipper. As we mentioned, this thing had taken out almost everyone who touched it. This was the make or break obstacle.

But Joe managed to make it look easy. Even the dismount was perfect. He landed deep on to the safety mat, with no “will he or won’t he make it” moments.

At the Clacker, he showed no signs of slowing down.

He lached to the landing pad without even attempting the last set of handles.

As we’ve seen this season, the final obstacle, the Elevator Climb, is a black hole of energy. Its job is to drain the Ninjas and it does its job well.

The only moment Joe looked slightly taxed was at the top of the climb. But it was a brief moment, as he was close enough to get his legs on the platform.

Joe was the second finisher of the night, but completed the course more than a minute faster than Jamie. Not only is Joe on his way back to the National Finals, he’s poised to have another impossibly successful season.