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Brent Steffensen’s San Antonio run showcased his determination

He wanted to make it back to Las Vegas and he wanted to do it in front of his hometown crowd.

Brent Steffensen put it all on the line with his American Ninja Warrior San Antonio City Finals run. In the Qualifying round, he had completed the course, something he’d had his heart set on accomplishing. San Antonio is Brent’s hometown, and with many of his friends and family right there on the sideline, he didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

And he wouldn’t.

He breezed through the first half of the course. On the Hourglass Drop, he carefully controlled his body’s momentum to make sure he nailed the jump from the trampoline.

He did it! Brent would not fall victim to the Ninja killer of the night.

The Spinball Wizard was a brand new obstacle, but it didn’t seem that way as Brent handled it with confidence.

He took a moment to celebrate before he started the Elevator Climb.

The final obstacle is designed to drain the strength from Ninjas and it was hard at work. Brent had to give every drop of energy to the climb.

He was over halfway to the top when it looked like the gas tank was hitting empty.

Brent would not defeat the final obstacle, but it was still a great run!

His time and distance left him in the fourth position overall for the night. He’s on his way to the National Finals!