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Daniel Gil was the only Ninja to defeat the San Antonio City Finals course

There was a terrifying moment right before he hit the buzzer.

The American Ninja Warrior San Antonio City Finals course was just TOUGH. There’s no other way to describe it. While four Ninjas would make it to the final obstacle, the Elevator Climb, only one would be able to hit the buzzer.

That Ninja was Daniel Gil. Now in only his third season on the show, fans have come to expect great things from him every time he steps on the course.

Luckily, he was able to deliver once again.

Since Daniel had completed the San Antonio Qualifying course with the fastest time, there was little doubt he’d clear the front half of the course again.

After the Salmon Ladder, it was the incredibly tricky Hourglass Drop. The trampoline bounce had been ending runs all night long.

Daniel squared himself up for the jump and we all held our breath.

But he pulled it off and steadied the boards, defeating the obstacle.

Next, it was the Spinball Wizard, a new obstacle that focused on grip strength and body control.

Once he’d accomplished that, Daniel looked up at the Elevator Climb. It was his first time on this obstacle and he’d already seen it exhaust some other veteran Ninjas.

Daniel closed his eyes and honed on in getting it done.

When he reached the top, he flipped his legs over the platform, but his chest was still low. Caught off guard, Daniel struggled to right himself and for a moment, it looked like he was falling and it was over.

But Daniel managed to pull himself up and complete the run!

Please never scare us like that again, Daniel! We’ll see you in the National Finals!

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