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Barclay Stockett’s San Antonio City Finals run gives us a National Finalist to watch out for

Her runs this season have proven she’s a competitor to keep an eye on, improving each time we see her.

Barclay Stockett put herself on the map with her American Ninja Warrior San Antonio Qualifying run. She made it all the way to the Pipefitter, becoming the first woman to pass the Sky Hooks, but she wasn’t done making a name for herself in San Antonio.

She returned to the City Finals with her heart set on going even further.

Once again, she was able to navigate the Sky Hooks.

This quickly put her back at the Pipefitter, her nemesis from Qualifying.

Previously, it was the transition to the last pipe that had exhausted her arms. This time, she wrestled it under her control and beat the obstacle.

Then it was the Warped Wall. This is always an important moment for competitiors. Beating your first Warped Wall is an unforgettable experience and Barclay now can look back on that night forever.

Facing the back half of the course, she took on the Salmon Ladder first, making short work of it.

Finally, it was the Hourglass Drop. This obstacle had been taking out Ninjas left and right all night. The trick was to get the perfect bounce off the trampoline.

Unfortunately, Barclay shared the same fate as many other Ninjas, taking a trip into the water.

But with that strong run she was through to the National Finals! Her crew of sideline Ninjas dog-piled on Barclay to celebrate her accomplishments! It seems like Barclay is on the rise, meaning we can’t wait to see what she does in Las Vegas.

You can find a full recap of the San Antonio City Finals here.