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First Look: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. makes NASCAR history on American Ninja Warrior

So he’s passed everyone else, but does he cross the finish line?

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. first tried his hand at the American Ninja Warrior course last season in Indianapolis. It didn’t go quite as planned when the Rolling Log obstacle sent him spinning.

This year, Ricky is back on the course in Cleveland. He’s not only going to face his nemesis again, but he’s going to make it farther than any other NASCAR driver ever on the course!

It starts out with a confident trip through the Floating Steps.

Look at this expression of gleeful, nervous, joy when he spots the Rolling Log. He’s been WAITING for this moment.

He latches on with everything he’s got.

He takes a bit of face-plant into the landing pad, but he’s SAFE!

Then it’s on to the Razor’s Edge. Showing no hesitation, he makes it across safely.

The preview ends as Ricky stares up at the next obstacle, the Ring Jump.

So we know he’s made it farther than any of the other NASCAR drivers, but how far does he actually make it down the course?

We’ll find out on the new episode of American Ninja Warrior, Monday, June 10!