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First Look: Lucio Battista at the Cleveland Qualifiers

He might have a magnificent mustache, but will it help him on the course?

Lucio Battista is very proud of his 16 inch, English style mustache. He’s even placed in competitions with it. But we have a feeling that’s not going to come in handy on the American Ninja Warrior course.

Check out this preview of Lucio’s run at the Cleveland Qualifiers.

He didn’t seem rattled during the Floating Steps.

On the devilish Rolling Log, he crumpled his ‘stache a bit, but made it through.

On the Razor’s Edge, he kept his feet light to avoid getting shaved off.

We see him preparing for the Ring Jump just before the video ends.

Will Lucio and his mustache make it to buzzer? Find out Monday, July 10 on American Ninja Warrior!