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Hey, has anyone else noticed that Sam Sann’s gym is terrifying?

People go here willingly?!?

Sam Sann is a beloved American Ninja Warrior competitor who trains at his own gym, Iron Sports, in Houston, Texas. His legion of dedicated students, like Daniel Gil and Jody Avila, are fierce athletes on the show.

But honestly, we can’t figure out why they keep going back to this place. His gym looks downright scary! Look at these things!

He’s got a Giant Peg Wheel, which basically just keeps you in lock off purgatory until you can’t stand it anymore.

Giant peg wheel test get some ! #GIANTPEGWHEEL #ironsportsdiroffocial #samsann

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Is this really how you want to spend the rest of your life?

Biceps lock off on peg wheels @ironsports #samsann

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This one is called 51 Roulette. This is not a nice thing.

Say hello to #51roulette crazy hard and fun, come try it #ironsportsfit,#samsann

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A Circuit Board that also tips a bit? Uh, heck no. NO.

Say hello to the new #circuitboard @ironsportsfit #samsann

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Sam Sann has his own version of the Wingnuts as well. You know things are bad when you look at this Ninja Killer of an obstacle and think, “That just looks tame compared to the others.”

The new Variation wingnut ironsports version..#samsann @nickfordney

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But hey, whatever he’s doing seems to be working because his students are pulling off things like this:

Oh yeah. And this:

Alright Sam, keep up the great work! We’re just going to watch from a safe distance...