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Maggi Thorne at the American Ninja Warrior Kansas City Qualifiers

After a hard year, her Ninja Warrior support system showed up in droves to cheer her on.

Maggi Thorne is a staple in the Ninja Warrior community. So many athletes know her as a fantastic, loving friend. In Kansas City, Maggi revealed that she’s had a tough year personally, and used it as fuel for this year’s American Ninja Warrior training.

With many of her American Ninja Warrior friends, cheering her on, she faced the Qualifying course.

Maggi seemed dialed in and focused as she handled the Hang Glider.

On the Broken Pipes, she took a calculated dive in the middle, allowing her time to navigate the off-set second pipe.

Things got tough at the new obstacle, Crank It Up.

Maggi was visibly fighting with everything she had.

Her grip finally gave out as she attempted to transfer to the third crank.

But her strong performance landed her in the top five women competitors, meaning she’s on the City Finals!

You can review the full Kansas City Qualifiers episode here.