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Lance Pekus’ American Ninja Warrior Kansas City Qualifiers run

The Cowboy Ninja rallied after an early fall last season.

In season eight, Lance Pekus, also known as the Cowboy Ninja, had a very early exit. He took the time between seasons to take a breath and refocus, finding his passion for training again.

The relaxed approach paid off! When he took on the Qualifying course in Kansas City, Lance was ready to be back in the saddle.

With his trademark cowboy hat and jeans, Lance rode through the Hang Glider.

He had a terrifying fall on the Broken Pipes, but saved himself before his toes touched the water.

Smartly, he lost the hat before attempting Crank It Up, a new obstacle that required his full attention.

Then it was on to the Bar Hop.

This was an exhausting course, but Lance looked pumped up as he hit the buzzer.

He was back after his off year, earning the fastest time of the night. Lance heads on to the Kansas City Finals!

You can find a full recap of the episode here.