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Veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project help introduce a new obstacle in the San Antonio City Finals

In this week’s Crashing the Course, we meet the Spinball Wizard.

On this week’s episode of Crashing the Course, Alex Weber takes us back to the San Antonio course. Here, he introduces us to the new ninth obstacle, the Spinball Wizard.

The Spinball Wizard will require the Ninjas to navigate four foot laches between spinning Y handlebars, using globe grips. Basically, everything spins. The athletes will have to carefully control their body movements to survive the obstacle.

But before he tested it out, Alex introduced us to two very special guests from the Wounded Warrior Project who came to check out the course.

Cory Johnson, US Army Veteran and Purple Heart recipient

Joey Shellhart, US Army Veteran

Joey really wanted to try out an obstacle, so, with advice from American Ninja Warrior Jesse Labreck, he took on the Spinning Bridge.

After, they all met back up at the Spinball Wizard to see if Alex could defeat the new obstacle. Jesse gave the POM Wonderful Tip of the Week, focusing on laches.

Alex tried to put all the advice together into a successful run, but, alas, he and his old friend water met up once again.

It will be fascinating to watch the rest of the Ninjas take on the Spinball Wizard in the San Antonio City Finals. Thank you to Cory Johnson and Joey Shellhart for joining this week’s Crashing the Course!