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American Ninja Warriors headed to the Kansas City Finals

This course put them through the wringer!

Fernando Leon/NBC

The Kansas City Qualifying course was downright tough. The third obstacle, a tricky balance challenge called the Broken Pipes, sent a fair number of Ninjas flying. The fan-designed Crank It Up was a brutal test of their upper body endurance.

When it was all said and done, only ten Ninjas would hit the buzzer. But we have a feeling they’ll be ready to teach those obstacles a lesson when they’re back for the City Finals in a few weeks.

Top 30

  1. Lance Pekus
  2. Brandon Mears
  3. Tyler Yamauchi
  4. Tyler Smith
  5. Ethan Swanson
  6. Broc Bebout
  7. Dave Cavanagh
  8. Ben Baker
  9. Jelani Allen
  10. Dennis Lappin
  11. Devin Harrelson
  12. Todd Mitchell
  13. Hunter Guerard
  14. Kyle Mendoza
  15. Jeremiah Morgan
  16. Dan Polizzi
  17. Eric Middleton
  18. Drew Hendry
  19. Alex Carson
  20. Mitch Vedepo
  21. Brad Spine
  22. Bobby Bohannon
  23. Wes Whitlam
  24. Kyle Schulze
  25. Morgan Wright
  26. Michael Bougher
  27. Deren Perez
  28. Donovan Metoyer
  29. Craig Schafer
  30. Spencer Johnson
Fernando Leon/NBC

Top Five Women

  1. Sarah Schoback
  2. Annie Dudek
  3. Abby Paul
  4. Maggi Thorne
  5. Sara Heesen