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Jesse Labreck and Adam Rayl are the 2017 UNAA champions

They competed against many familiar names to take home the title.

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association held their 2017 championships over the weekend of July 22-23 and the results include some major Ninja players. Both the women’s and men’s division are rife with names that we’ve seen on American Ninja Warrior.

Jesse Labreck, who just hit her first buzzer on the show in the Cleveland Qualifiers, took home the championship for the women. Adam Rayl, who put up an incredible run in the Los Angeles City Finals, led the men.

But the other wonderful thing about these competitions is that they always give us a few names to keep an eye on. We might not recognize them just yet, but those Ninjas are competing against some of the best and holding their own!

Women’s UNAA top 11

  1. Jesse Labreck
  2. Barclay Stockett
  3. Melisa Anderson
  4. Maggi Thorne
  5. Jessica Clayton
  6. Rebekah Bonilla
  7. Christine Ahn
  8. Rachel Uomini
  9. Sara Heesen
  10. Lindsay Eskildsen
  11. Kathryn Butler

Men’s UNAA top 10

  1. Adam Rayl
  2. Joe Moravsky
  3. Nicholas Fordney
  4. Daniel Gil
  5. Jake Murray
  6. Ethan Swanson
  7. Tyler Smith
  8. Sean Darling-Hammond
  9. Zach Day
  10. Karson Voiles

The championships also had youth divisions. These Ninjas are another generation of competitors who are going to be fierce when they’re finally old enough to apply to the show!

Top six 14-17 year olds

  1. Jacob Winter
  2. Chase Cline
  3. Isaac Rasmussen
  4. Nathan Haney
  5. Caleb Bergstrom
  6. Rachel Brown

Top six 10-13 year olds

  1. Kaden Lebsack
  2. Hudson Humphries
  3. Elijah Browning
  4. Christian Youst
  5. Caiden Madzelan
  6. Johanna Schuh

You can find the full results from the UNAA championships on their Facebook page here. And if you’ve got about four hours to spare, you can watch the recorded competition below!

2017 UNAA Finals

The 2017 Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association Finals LIVE

Posted by Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association on Saturday, July 22, 2017