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Adam Rayl’s season nine Los Angeles City Finals run

Last season he was a walk on rookie. Now he’s one to watch.

In season eight of American Ninja Warrior, Adam Rayl made it farther than any other walk on. He ended his year on Stage Two of the National Finals, on the Wave Runner.

However, he hadn’t hit a buzzer in the Qualifiers or City Finals. In the off season, Adam competed in many local Ninja events and, yeah, the work is paying off. In the LA Qualifiers of season nine, he completed the course and claimed the second fastest run. In the City Finals, he once again had his eyes on the buzzer.

After a quick somersault to complete the Warped Wall, Adam was staring down the back half of the course.

The Salmon Ladder was no issue.

On the Swinging Pegboard, he dismounted from half way across the second board, a risky leap that did save him time.

He was more cautious on the Stair Hopper, which has zero forgiveness for slight errors.

Adam still had plenty of energy left for the Elevator Climb. He was more than a minute ahead of Charlie Andrews’ time, who had been the fastest to that point.

Adam would lose the top time to Sean Bryan by less than a second, but it was still an incredible run. It leaves him in a confident position to return to the National Finals.

You can read a recap of the whole episode here.