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Charlie Andrews is having a great rookie season on American Ninja Warrior

He’s only been on the course twice and he’s already hit two buzzers.

Charlie Andrews is an American Ninja Warrior rookie who’s been waiting for his moment on the course for years. He’s a highly accomplished rock climber and best friends with Josh Levin, another young competitor that came out swinging in his rookie season (season eight).

Charlie did compete on Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness for his school, M.I.T., but the LA Qualifiers was his first time on American Ninja Warrior.

During the LA City Finals, Charlie proved that he doesn’t need a long Ninja resume´ to quickly rise to the top.

He did complete the first half of the course during Qualifying, and he had no trouble repeating the performance, making it to the Salmon Ladder.

He quickly moved on to the Swinging Pegboard, generating momentum right away.

His friend, Josh Levin, looked on all through Charlie’s run, yelling encouragement and advice.

On the tricky Stair Hopper, Charlie used small movements to stay in control.

Then it was time for the Elevator Climb. Even with all of his rock climbing experience, this could still prove to be a serious challenge.

At one point, Charlie slowed down and it seemed like he might be stuck.

But he was able to fight through and finally swung his legs over the top.

He looked relieved and thankful to hit the buzzer.

The rookie shed a few tears as he looked down at his family and friends. Charlie was through to the National Finals!

You can find out more about the Los Angeles City Finals here.