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American Ninja Warrior Sean Bryan wasn’t even trying for the fastest time of the night in Los Angeles

His strategy and efficiency on every obstacle earned him the best time of the night regardless of the several breaks he took.

In American Ninja Warrior season eight, Sean Bryan saw his year end at the Los Angeles City Finals. He didn’t advance to Las Vegas last season, but since then, he’s clearly been sharpening his arsenal of tools.

On Team Ninja Warrior, he came in as an alternate for the NorCal Ninjas and dominated his races. In the LA Qualifiers this season, he completed the course with one of the strongest times.

Moving into the City Finals, Sean blew everyone away with his speed.

You could tell Sean wasn’t thinking about the clock at all. Between almost every obstacle, he stopped to catch his breath and refocus.

But once he moved, he moved FAST. He took down the Salmon Ladder in just two jumps!

It only took him four moves to clear the Swinging Pegboard.

On the Stair Hopper, he started by leaning as far out as possible, giving himself just a small lead.

He barely looked taxed as he finished the obstacle.

As he took on the Elevator Climb, we all realized how close he was to Adam Rayl’s time, which was thought to be the fastest finish of the night.

Sean’s sheer efficiency was incredible. With no wasted movements, he completed the Climb and hit the buzzer with less than a second left before Adam’s time!

Sean was emotional as it all sank in. He’s going to get his shot at the National Finals, and he’s heading there with the best time of the night under his belt.

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