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Rebekah Bonilla’s American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles City Finals run

In a show of force, she overcame the obstacle that had taken her down in Qualifiers.

Rebekah Bonilla showed UP to the American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles City Finals! In the Qualifying round, Rebekah had fallen at the Battering Ram and she had every intention of learning from her mistake. Totally dialed in, she put together the top run of the night from a female competitor.

On the Fly Wheels, she made a massive dismount to get to the landing pad.

After Block Run, it was the Battering Ram, her nemesis from Qualifying. But Rebekah knew what she needed to do, landing both transfers and clearing the obstacle.

At the Warped Wall, she missed her first attempt, which had us worried. We’d already seen Zhanique Lovett disqualified at the Wall.

On her second try, Rebekah nailed it! She was on the back half of the course!

Our favorite moment was watching her dominate on the Salmon Ladder. This allowed her through to the ominous Swinging Pegboard.

On the eight obstacle, Rebekah finally gassed out. She lost the momentum needed to make the swing to the next board and her grip was exhausted.

She fell there, but it still meant Rebekah led the pack for female Ninjas and was through to the National Finals!

You can find a full recap of the episode here.