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Meagan Martin only trains on obstacles four weeks ahead of American Ninja Warrior

Her top-tier strength and fortitude is a result of her career as a rock climber.

How Meagan Martin trains for American Ninja Warrior

Think Meagan Martin is on Ninja Warrior obstacles constantly? Wrong!

‎Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on‎ חמישי 20 יולי 2017

Meagan Martin is an elite American Ninja Warrior. She’s qualified for the City Finals four seasons in a row. In season eight, Meagan was one of the three women who qualified for the National Finals.

Fans ask all the time, “How does she do it?” So we thought we’d ask. We caught up with Meagan before her Denver Qualifiers run for season nine. The answer wasn’t quite what we expected!

Instead of drilling her skills on Ninja-style obstacles all the time, Meagan just focuses on her career as a professional rock climber. It’s only four weeks before she hits the course that she starts working in some obstacle specific training.

We know all Ninja Warriors train differently, and this strategy seems to be working pretty beautifully for Meagan! We’ll see her again when American Ninja Warrior returns to Denver for the City Finals.