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What you didn’t see: Denver Qualifiers

There’s a good reason some people don’t like spiders!

Dustin Bradford/NBC

The Denver Qualifying course was no joke. Only eight Ninjas were able to complete the course, sending competitors like Brian Arnold, Meagan Martin and Sam Sann into the water.

Don’t worry, all those names made the top 30, but it was hard to watch nonetheless.

The Ring Swing and Bouncing Spider were venomous early obstacles that sliced down the field of competitors. With over 100 Ninjas trying the course that night, there just wasn’t enough time to show all that action on one episode.

So here’s some of what we didn’t get to see on TV!

We saw on TV: 44 tried to reach the buzzer

Night of recording: 105 Ninjas competed

We saw on TV: 7 course completions

Night of recording: 8 course completions. (Craig Richard was the only finisher not seen on TV.)

We saw on TV: Ring Swing took out 5 competitors

Night of recording: 30 Ninjas tapped out on the second obstacle

We saw on TV: The Bouncing Spider sent 12 Ninjas flying

Night of recording: 27 Ninjas were bit by the Spider

We saw on TV: Rail Runner eliminated 11 Ninjas

Night of recording: It claimed 24 victims

Craig Richard
Dustin Bradford/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Casey Lopez: Floating Steps
  • Glenn Mathewson: Floating Steps
  • Shandi Brown: Floating Steps
  • Will Washington: Floating Steps
  • Stephen Siraco: Floating Steps
  • Stephanie Siraco: Floating Steps
  • Rachel Rodriguez: Floating Steps
  • Dan Holguin: Floating Steps
  • Jason Brown: Ring Swing
  • Maegan Johnson: Ring Swing
  • Sierra Souter: Ring Swing
  • Natasha Pfeiffer: Ring Swing
  • Amy Souter Egbert: Ring Swing
  • Claire Pearson: Ring Swing
  • Jeff Glasbrenner: Ring Swing
  • Tessa Souter Mecham: Ring Swing
  • Candace Granberg: Ring Swing
  • Dr. J. Murray Adams: Ring Swing
  • Wendy Bradley: Ring Swing
  • Ed Diffendal: Ring Swing
  • Robert Rodriguez: Ring Swing
  • Molly Rennie: Ring Swing
  • Megan May: Ring Swing
  • Julie Jones: Ring Swing
  • Kelsey Couts: Ring Swing
  • Amy Linnen: Ring Swing
  • Grady Gilmartin: Ring Swing
  • Garrett Lam: Ring Swing
  • Tanya O’Donohue: Ring Swing
  • Dylan Boxer: Ring Swing
  • Taylor Bouton: Ring Swing
  • Honeylynne Pascual: Ring Swing
  • Mark Shrime: Ring Swing
  • Kayla Kobelin: Ring Swing
  • Emily Jaeger: Ring Swing
  • Keegan O’Brien: Ring Swing
  • Danny Adamson: Ring Swing
  • Christian Okruhlik: Ring Swing
  • John Burkhardt: Bouncing Spider
  • Rocky Moreno: Bouncing Spider
  • Hamidullah Khazi: Bouncing Spider
  • Marc Kocel: Bouncing Spider
  • Luke Halterman: Bouncing Spider
  • Todd Allen: Bouncing Spider
  • Wally Roskelley: Bouncing Spider
  • Ryan Sutter: Bouncing Spider
  • Kenny Turley: Bouncing Spider
  • Jon Stewart: Bouncing Spider
  • Daniel Fox: Bouncing Spider
  • Josh Souter: Bouncing Spider
  • Jeremy Prather: Bouncing Spider
  • Bill Heaner: Bouncing Spider
  • Venn Johns: Bouncing Spider
  • Pierce Frazier: Bouncing Spider
  • Justin Cottle: Bouncing Spider
  • Cannon Meyer: Bouncing Spider
  • Cole Wadsworth III: Bouncing Spider
  • Kash Tavakoli: Bouncing Spider
  • Eddie Hilburn: Bouncing Spider
  • Ben Jackson: Bouncing Spider
  • Leland Frataccia: Bouncing Spider
  • Noah Kaufman: Bouncing Spider
  • Garrett Takach: Bouncing Spider
  • Jake Murray: Bouncing Spider
  • Kenny Sullivan: Bouncing Spider
  • Scott Stoddard: Paddle Boards
  • Robbie Doman: Paddle Boards
  • Luke Maznio: Paddle Boards
  • David Peterson: Paddle Boards
  • Larissa Cottle: Paddle Boards
  • Arthur Hockwald: Paddle Boards
  • Deon Graham: Paddle Boards
  • Billy Navarrete: Paddle Boards
  • Dalton Knapp: Rail Runner
  • Jesse Lucero: Rail Runner
  • Yancy Quezada: Rail Runner
  • Michael Silenzi: Rail Runner
  • Kyle Wilson: Rail Runner
  • Nate DeHaan: Rail Runner
  • Ryan Souter: Rail Runner
  • Michael Stanger: Rail Runner
  • Karson Voiles: Rail Runner
  • Brian Arnold: Rail Runner
  • Ian Weber: Rail Runner
  • Jeri D’Aurelio: Rail Runner
  • Matt Wilder: Rail Runner
  • Matt Reeves: Rail Runner
  • Matt Dolce: Rail Runner
  • Tammy McClure: Rail Runner
  • Meagan Martin: Rail Runner
  • Ben Burkhalter: Rail Runner
  • Devin Stratton: Rail Runner
  • Luke Chambers: Rail Runner
  • Sam Sann: Rail Runner
  • Ben Antoine: Rail Runner
  • Rhett Allen: Rail Runner
  • Brandon Todacheenie: Rail Runner
  • Bart Copeland: Complete
  • Dan Yager: Complete
  • Ian Dory: Complete
  • Lorin Ball: Complete
  • Drew Knapp: Complete
  • Nick Kostreski: Complete
  • Andrew Duncan: Complete
  • Craig Richard: Complete

You can find a recap of the televised episode here.