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Lorin Ball’s speedy Denver Qualifiers run

The Denver course was particularly difficult, but Lorin still managed to best it with flair.

In season eight of American Ninja Warrior, Lorin Ball, a long time veteran of the show, went out on the second obstacle of the Indianapolis City Finals. It was a shock to everyone who saw it. Lorin is a confident competitor who prides himself on speed.

When he returned to the course for the Denver Qualifiers, it was a return to form for Lorin. He seamlessly sped from obstacle to obstacle.

It took him less than three seconds to complete the Floating Steps.

He didn’t waste any extra energy on the Ring Swing.

Lorin took a little bit of a clobbering at the end of the Bouncing Spider, but there was really no way to avoid getting smacked around by those pipes.

He cleared the Paddle Boards.

On the Rail Runner, he stared down the dangerous transfer to the second segment.

Once he executed it, he quickly bounced to the end of the obstacle.

Once Lorin was up the Warped Wall, he gave the camera a little wave. Hi, Lorin! Welcome back!

He earned the fastest time of the night and leads the field of Ninjas heading for the City Finals.

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