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Who’s returning for the American Ninja Warrior Denver City Finals

Only eight managed to finish the Qualifying course, but these 32 will move on.

Dustin Bradford/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Denver Qualifying course was a brutal onslaught. Only eight Ninjas, a record low for the season, were able to complete the course.

But even against those odds, we were left with a strong field of Ninjas returning for the City Finals. Three women, Meagan Martin, Jeri D’Aurelio and Tammy McClure, broke into the top 30. Here’s everyone who still has a shot at the National Finals!

Top 30

  1. Lorin Ball
  2. Dan Yager
  3. Ian Dory
  4. Drew Knapp
  5. Craig Richard
  6. Bart Copeland
  7. Andrew Duncan
  8. Nick Kostreski
  9. Brian Arnold
  10. Karson Voiles
  11. Ben Antoine
  12. Devin Stratton
  13. Michael Silenzi
  14. Matt Dolce
  15. Yancy Quezada
  16. Michael Stanger
  17. Ben Burkhalter
  18. Kyle Wilson
  19. Jesse Lucero
  20. Brandon Todacheenie
  21. Ryan Souter
  22. Ian Weber
  23. Meagan Martin
  24. Jeri D’Aurelio
  25. Matt Reeves
  26. Sam Sann
  27. Luke Chambers
  28. Tammy McClure
  29. Dalton Knapp
  30. Nate DeHaan
Dustin Bradford/NBC

Top Five Women

  1. Meagan Martin
  2. Jeri D’Aurelio
  3. Tammy McClure
  4. Larissa Cottle
  5. Tanya O’Donohue