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Michael Stanger’s Denver Qualifiers run

His family had a MAJOR development since last season.

Michael Stanger always gives us an emotional run. In the last two seasons, he’s competed just to make his family smile. His wife, Enedina, and their two young daughters have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a rare disorder that previously left Michael as Enedina’s caretaker.

But in the past year, Enedina has started training alongside her husband. The result is just incredible. She’s out of her wheelchair and cheering Michael on!

It seems like Enedina’s progress is just the juice Michael needs to tackle the course!

Michael takes on and completes the Ring Swing.

He navigates the tough new obstacle, the Bouncing Spider.

Then it was on the Paddle Boards, which is never a sure bet.

The Rail Runner was a Ninja Killer all night. Michael looked strong as he ascended the first rail.

But, as happened so many time before, it was the transition to the second rail that threw Michael off.

Michael came up smiling and happy. How could you not after the triumphs his family has experienced lately?

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