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Meagan Martin’s full Denver Qualifiers run

She was SO close to setting another record!

One of the most anticipated runs of the American Ninja Warrior Denver Qualifiers was that of Meagan Martin. The Ninja Warrior was aiming to extend her historic streak of three Qualifier buzzers in three years.

If it all went well, she’d make history again with her fourth buzzer.

After having no trouble with the Floating Steps, she moved on to the Ring Swing with ease.

On the crazy new obstacle, the Bouncing Spider, she stuck the landing.

It took her a minute to navigate the pipes are the end, but she stayed in control and made it through.

Three obstacles down! Three to go!

She leapt across the Paddle Boards.

Meagan made sure she took the time to get into the right position for the Rail Runner.

On the first rail, she had some trouble. She spent a few moments sliding back down, struggling to get the momentum she needed.

But she did it! Next, she even nailed the transfer to the second rail, a tricky move.

About half way through the second rail, the bar twisted and Meagan fell.

So there’s no fourth Qualifying buzzer for Meagan this season. But her strong performance and time placed her firmly in the top 30, meaning she’s back for the City Finals!