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What you didn’t see: Cleveland Qualifiers

It was a cold night in Cleveland when 100 Ninja Warriors tried for glory.

Duane Prokop/NBC

American Ninja Warrior’s Cleveland Qualifiers gave us an emotional night of milestones and important runs. Allyssa Beird and Jesse Labreck teamed up to become the first two women to clear a Qualifying course on the same night. Joe Moravksy and Najee Richardson set themselves up for a season of success with their course completions.

In order to get there, they all had to survive the tough course that put the Ring Jump right before the I-Beam Gap, sapping Ninjas’ strength left and right.

Check out these numbers reflecting all the runs that took place during the Cleveland Qualifiers!

We saw on TV: 37 Ninjas on the course

Night of recording: 100 Ninjas tried to make it to the City Finals

We saw on TV: 10 course completions

Night of recording: 14 Ninjas hit the buzzer

We saw on TV: 5 Ninjas were victims of Razor’s Edge

Night of recording: 19 had their runs cut off there

We saw on TV: 12 Ninjas couldn’t navigate the Ring Jump

Night of recording: 29 couldn’t swing it

We saw on TV: 7 Ninjas fall at the I-Beam Gap

Night of recording: 16 took a swim from this obstacle

Duane Prokop/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Brenda O’hara: Floating Steps
  • Randi Cowper: Floating Steps
  • Jessica Ebert: Floating Steps
  • Peggy Hale: Floating Steps
  • Katie Tennant: Floating Steps
  • Tristan Perry: Floating Steps
  • Jose Tavares: Floating Steps
  • Li Li Leung: Floating Steps
  • Joshua Sanchez: Floating Steps
  • Sabrina Anderson: Floating Steps
  • Jonas Elusme: Floating Steps
  • Julien McConnell: Rolling Log
  • Thierry Masquelin: Rolling Log
  • Sarah Poulin: Rolling Log
  • Orla Walsh: Rolling Log
  • Zamira Doar: Rolling Log
  • Shanon Paglieri: Rolling Log
  • Steve Leppo: Rolling Log
  • McKinley Pierce: Rolling Log
  • Jake Czerwinski: Rolling Log
  • Erin Vandendriessche: Rolling Log
  • Chris Warnky: Razor’s Edge
  • Paul Theodore: Razor’s Edge
  • Ryan Blaney: Razor’s Edge
  • Jimmy Hughes: Razor’s Edge
  • Eric Woodruff: Razor’s Edge
  • Adam Ribeiro: Razor’s Edge
  • Josh March: Razor’s Edge
  • Phillip Hucke: Razor’s Edge
  • Meiling Huang: Razor’s Edge
  • Geoff Snyder: Razor’s Edge
  • Jean Claude Chacon-Saucy: Razor’s Edge
  • Derek Conway: Razor’s Edge
  • Carl Fantauzzo: Razor’s Edge
  • Melody Schofield: Razor’s Edge
  • Kelsey Rudzinsky: Razor’s Edge
  • Ryan Oshinsky: Razor’s Edge
  • Charles Smith: Razor’s Edge
  • PJ Walsh: Razor’s Edge
  • Matthew McCalla: Razor’s Edge
  • Jesse Wildman: Ring Jump
  • Danny Adair: Ring Jump
  • Rex Alba: Ring Jump
  • Tommy Daly: Ring Jump
  • Logan Broadbent: Ring Jump
  • Ariel Vargas: Ring Jump
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr.: Ring Jump
  • Rachael Goldstein: Ring Jump
  • James Wilson: Ring Jump
  • Clint Sarion: Ring Jump
  • Scott Marraffa: Ring Jump
  • Annika Nieshalla: Ring Jump
  • Ryan Howes: Ring Jump
  • Chris Fantauzzo: Ring Jump
  • Michael Nowoslawski: Ring Jump
  • Matthew Guardo: Ring Jump
  • Michelle Warnky: Ring Jump
  • AJ Paratore: Ring Jump
  • PJ Camargo: Ring Jump
  • Lucio Battista: Ring Jump
  • Tori Clement: Ring Jump
  • Romeo Gousse: Ring Jump
  • Thomas Kline: Ring Jump
  • Ryan Hoff: Ring Jump
  • Tommy Batchelor: Ring Jump
  • Amy Pajcic: Ring Jump
  • Luis Moco: Ring Jump
  • Abby Clark: Ring Jump
  • Jeremy Baldwin: Ring Jump
  • Jonathan Angelilli: I-Beam Gap
  • Mark Ribeiro: I-Beam Gap
  • Patrick Lavanty: I-Beam Gap
  • Naeem Mulkey: I-Beam Gap
  • Josh Wallis: I-Beam Gap
  • Daniel Arnold: I-Beam Gap
  • Alexi Matousek: I-Beam Gap
  • Steve Allen: I-Beam Gap
  • Kevin Weng: I-Beam Gap
  • Cory Cook: I-Beam Gap
  • Samer Delgado: I-Beam Gap
  • Fabio Figueiredo: I-Beam Gap
  • John Alexis Jr.: I-Beam Gap
  • Derek Mathews: I-Beam Gap
  • Mike Meyers: I-Beam Gap
  • Mike Shuck: I-Beam Gap
  • Matthew Ilgenfritz: Warped Wall
  • Tyler Cravens: Complete
  • Dan Galiczynski: Complete
  • Allyssa Beird: Complete
  • Chris DiGangi: Complete
  • James McGrath: Complete
  • Jesse Labreck: Complete
  • Jamie Rahn: Complete
  • Mike Bernardo: Complete
  • Najee Richardson: Complete
  • Michael Torres: Complete
  • Anthony DeFranco: Complete
  • Joe Moravsky: Complete
  • Judas Licciardello: Complete
  • Sean Noel: Complete