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Najee Richardson lived up to his nickname when he flew through the Cleveland Qualifiers

They don’t call him the Phoenix for nothing!

Najee Richardson made his season nine debut on American Ninja Warrior at the Cleveland Qualifiers course. He’s known as the Philadelphia Phoenix. In season eight, he rose from a knee injury to have a fantastic year.

This run in Cleveland proved that wasn’t a fluke. He knows exactly how to live up to the title.

He was airborne across the Razor’s Edge.

On the Ring Jump, he sprang up FOUR pegs in one shot.

He still had two pegs left when he decided to just fly off the obstacle.

The I-Beam Gap had him defying gravity one more time.

His strategy for the Warped Wall? You guessed it. Just fly right on up!

Do you think the Phoenix will be able to lift off during the City Finals as well? (We do.)

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