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Allyssa Beird is the first woman to clear a course in season nine of American Ninja Warrior

That’s one of many firsts she sealed with her Cleveland Qualifiers run.

Allyssa Beird was one the four women to qualify for the Philadelphia City Finals during season 8. She received a wildcard to the National Finals, but fell at the Propeller Bar.

She kicked her training into high gear during the off season and her Cleveland Qualifying run was a direct result of those efforts.

Allyssa was on a mission to gather up a bunch of firsts.

She made sure there were no silly mistakes on the Floating Steps to end her run early.

The Rolling Log takes sheer grit and Allyssa had it in spades.

On the Ring Jump, she was the first of the night to employ a backwards strategy.

She was hung up on the back half of the obstacle, but freed herself.

She then faced the I-Beam, which no one had beaten yet during the night.

When Allyssa nailed the dangerous transfer, the crowd erupted. She became the first to finish the I-Beam Gap in the city.

She caught her breath before the Warped Wall. She was 14.5 feet away from one more very important first.

She cleared the wall, earning her first buzzer and becoming the first woman to clear a course in season 9!

Combined with Jesse Labreck’s finish later that night, this is the first time two women have hit the buzzer on the same Qualifying course.

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