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Joe Moravsky carried heavy emotions with him on the Cleveland course

Joe dedicated his impressive run to a close family member.

American Ninja Warrior Joe Moravsky had an emotional motivation for running the Cleveland Qualifiers course. He’d recently lost his Uncle Rob, someone who had loved and supported Joe his whole life.

While we all know Joe is a fast, consistent, strong Ninja, he was looking to make this run something special. There was no pausing between obstacles.

He hit one small snag when he started up the Ring Jump, but quickly corrected it and leapt up the obstacle.

On the I-Beam Gap, he navigated the 90 degree turn like he was simply standing up from a chair.

To finish the obstacle, he didn’t even need his legs.

He blazed up the Warped Wall so quickly that this blurry image was the best we could grab.

After hitting the buzzer, he dedicated his run to his Uncle Rob.

He dropped to his knees as the emotion of the moment took over.

Our hearts go out to Joe and his family. He will be back for the Cleveland City Finals, where he’ll hopefully continue his impassioned runs for season nine.