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Jesse Labreck charged into American Ninja Warrior season nine with her first buzzer

Her Qualifying run in Cleveland announced that she hadn’t lost any steam since her standout rookie year.

We had to wait for the very last run of the American Ninja Warrior Cleveland Qualifiers to watch Jesse Labreck, but it was worth the wait!

In season eight, Jesse became the first female to qualifier for the National Finals in their rookie season. She was the first woman to defeat Rolling Thunder, which is still taking out strong Ninjas this season.

But after all that, Jesse hadn’t actually hit a buzzer yet. She had her sights set on fixing that during her first run of season nine.

It looked like Jesse strolled through the Floating Steps.

The Rolling Log was unable to throw her off.

Jesse sped through the Razor’s Edge.

The Ring Jump was a huge moment. Many competitors had fallen here. Jesse took a backwards approach and made it look easy.

Just when you thought she would be showing signs of fatigue, she started the I-Beam Gap.

With one push, she nailed the transfer between beams.

After that, it was on to the Warped Wall. Jesse is more than familiar with this obstacle. We knew she wouldn’t have an issue.

With that, she pressed her first buzzer!

She ranked 12th overall for the night! Hopefully, she’ll get her second buzzer in the City Finals!

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