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First Look: Jesse Labreck hunts for her first buzzer in Cleveland

She has no plans of experiencing a sophomore slump.

Jesse Labreck burst on to the American Ninja Warrior scene in season eight. During her rookie year, Jesse blew everyone away with her runs in Philadelphia. She was the first woman to defeat Rolling Thunder and the first woman to qualify for the National Finals in her first season.

She returns for season nine in Cleveland. While she’s a fierce competitor, she has yet to hit a buzzer. From the looks of this run preview, she’s dialed in to make that happen!

After handling the Floating Steps, Jesse locks in for a bumpy ride down the Rolling Log.

She handles it like a pro! She even takes the time to let the log settle for a moment before she climbs down.

Then it’s on to the third obstacle, Razor’s Edge. Her training and experience allow her to handle the balance obstacle perfectly.

But in order to make her buzzer-dreams come true, Jesse will need to complete three more obstacles. We’ll find out if she pulls it off on the July 10 episode of American Ninja Warrior!