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Crashing the Course is back, breaking down a new obstacle with Jessie Graff

The digital series returns, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at obstacle development and tactics.

American Ninja Warrior’s digital series, Crashing the Course, is back for a new season!

Host Alex Weber kicks it off by introducing us to one of the new obstacles on the Los Angeles course, the Cannonball Slider.

This second position obstacle requires that Ninjas cling to a nine inch cannonball, down a 28 foot track, with two hard drops, one ten inches, and one 12 inches.

In order to master the obstacle, Alex called in American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff for advice. Leading to our first Pom Wonderful Tip of the Week!

Jessie’s advice for working on grip strength is to get a pull up bar and install it in your home. Hang on the bar as long as you can. Time doesn’t matter. If you can only do one second, that’s fine. Try again two days later and aim to beat your previous time. Keep progressing by trying to beat your own record.

Then it was time for Alex to give the Cannonball Slider a try! Find out if he takes a plunge or stays dry in the video above.