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Noel Reyes had a great combination of skills for winning races

He was a consistent point-earner all season long on Team Ninja Warrior.

Noel Reyes was sensational all season long on Team Ninja Warrior. He was fast, accurate and hard to beat. All those traits were on display when he faced David Yarter of The Wings

The two were synchronized for the first couple of obstacles.

But after the Swing Jump, Noel was back on his feet first.

David hesitated at the Floating Titles, which gave Noel even more of a chance to show off his speed.

They were both on the Swinging Spikes at the same time.

But Noel wasn’t there for long.

He took a glance over his shoulder at the top of the Warped Wall to check on David.

When he saw he had the time, he walked to the buzzer and brought home another point for the Labreckfast Club.

But could Noel stay perfect in all his runs? Find out in the full recap here.