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Thomas Stillings made a leap of faith to save his team

The Wings were about to go home when their captain pulled off an incredible comeback.

The Wings were not having a great day during the first episode of the Wildcard Round. They had lost five match ups in a row and it came down to one race against Jesse Labreck’s team, the Labreckfast Club.

The Wings’ captain Thomas Stillings went up against Jon Alexis Jr. in the third heat. If Thomas didn’t win this race, it was all over for his team.

Jon got the dismount off the Ring of Fire first, creating a lead.

Thomas was pushing hard to keep up, but Jon was still ahead at the Swing Jump.

At the Floating Tiles, Jon was almost a full obstacle ahead. Thomas needed to close the gap NOW.

Thomas used his parkour skills to leap past THREE spikes on the next obstacle. This put him ahead of Jon.

He wasn’t about to take that lead for granted and got out of there as quickly as possible.

He bolted for the Warped Wall.

Jon seemed surprised by the turn around. He’d had a rough dismount from the Swinging Spikes

Thomas had managed to bring his team back from the brink of elimination and moved them into a Sudden Death match up.

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