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Meiling Huang adapted perfectly to avoid a plunge on Team Ninja Warrior

She assessed the situation and pulled off an incredible move to make sure she hit the buzzer.

On Team Ninja Warrior, The Ballers’ Meiling Huang has been a powerhouse all season. The Ninja Warrior is strong, but it’s also her sheer determination that sets her up for success.

There’s no better example of that than when she went up against The Wings’ Melanie Hunt.

Meiling handled the Ring of Fire like a pro. She was confident but didn’t rush it, allowing her to get through without hiccups.

On the Swing Jump, she kept her feet up and out of the water.

On the Floating Tiles, she made sure she was ready for each bounce and sway.

Things got a little scary on the Swinging Spikes, really giving her a chance to showcase her adaptability.

Her grip was low and looked to be taxed. It seemed like she would fall at any moment.

So Meiling reorganized herself and prepared for an epic dismount.

Look at how close she was to the edge of the landing pad, but she made it!

Before the Warped Wall, she took a brief moment to dial it in.

Love the look of strength and determination on her face as she hauls herself over the top!

Meiling took the point home for The Ballers!

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