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Jamie Rahn learned how to fly to beat Jon Alexis Jr in this Team Ninja Warrior heat

If he hadn’t earned those two points, the Superhero Squad would have lost the match then and there.

It was the first episode of the Wildcard Round on Team Ninja Warrior when Jamie Rahn really took flight.

Jamie’s Superhero Squad had lost their first two heats against the Labreckfast Club. The team captain had to win the race against Jon Alexis Jr. in the anchor run to force a Sudden Death match.

But this wouldn’t be easy. Jon had a pretty big height advantage and he was known as a speedy competitor in the clutch.

At the Ring of Fire, it was Jon with the slight lead.

Jamie turned things around when he managed to glide through the Swing Jump.

On the Swinging Spikes, it was anyone’s guess who would come out on top.

Jamie picked up his pace on the back half the Spikes, allowing him to clear a path to the landing pad

He was blur heading up the Warped Wall!

With that super human effort, he kept his team in the heat for one more round!

You can find a full recap of the episode here.